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Coordinator: Siauliai Vocational Education and Training Centre

Partner Organisations:
Cork Education and Training Board, Ireland
ALVIT - inovace a vzdelavani s.r.o., the Czech Republic
ZBC Roskilde, Denmark
Pohjois-Karjalan koulutuskuntayhtymä, Finland

Budget: 91.354,00 €

Project summary:
The expanding Europe, globalisation of business as well as the free movement of the workforce together with the increasing contemporary market offer wide possibilities of search, self-expression, work selection for a young person, but also develop the competitive environment. A successful competition in a labour market for a young specialist requires clear motivation, personal features and a solid professional preparation. One of parts, essential for a good professional preparation that gives advantages and increases the competitiveness is the international working experience, gained during the period of studies. This is the reason why Internationalisation Strategy of Siauliai VET Centre stresses the development of the self-confidence of students as well as the entrepreneurship, practical professional skills, competences of the foreign language, increase of skills of intercultural as well as interpersonal communication during their practical placements abroad.
Rapidly developing production, work implementation technologies, breakthrough and domination of IT in different spheres cannot leave aside teachers and administrative staff in VET centres. In order to offer quality VET training services, based on contemporary technologies and modern training as well as management methods, it is obligatory to deepen knowledge not only in Lithuanian, but also in the foreign pedagogical, technological experience, to know social, cultural environment and to be able to apply innovations in the own work. Assimilated knowledge and skills from the foreign colleagues about recognition of working competences as well as match of qualification, application and use of ECVET, information exchange would help to prepare a solid base for the further development. These joint European tools are to be constantly developed on European, national as well as institutional levels.
Internationalisation Strategy of Siauliai VET Centre foresees long-term strategic aims as well as tools. They are to be implemented within boundaries of this project – to develop partnership within the European Union and to encourage the formation of the community internationalisation competences.
The project shall cover mobilities of students in VET centres as well as companies and the job-shadowing visits for Siauliai VET Centre staff in foreign VET centres that have been maintaining strong cooperation links with our school for many years. There is also an agreement between schools to host foreign students from respective institutions at Siauliai VET Centre in 2016/2017. Hereby the equal partnership is to be ensured, together with the exchange of useful experiences, development of the internationalisation dimension, improvement of skills and competencies of both – staff and students. One more aims of the Internationalisation Strategy is to apply ECVET for the recognition of results. Whereas Siauliai VET Centre still lacks knowledge and experience in this sphere, the job shadowing visit to the Finnish VET centre is planned within boundaries of the project, where ECVET is widely applied and integrated into everyday activity processes in school.
During the implementation of a project, 34 students shall develop their practical professional skills in Irish and Finnish VET centres as well as in German, Portuguese and Czech companies. 6 staff members of Siauliai VET Centre shall participate in job-shadowing visits in Irish and Finnish VET centres. 1 representative of a big production company shall come to Siauliai VET Centre for a training assignment.
Participation in Erasmus+ project for VET students, who often belong to a socially sensitive groups, is usually the first trip abroad, a great experience, a challenge, therefore it is important that students are accompanied by a teacher, responsible for their appropriate integration and adaptation in the intercultural environment. The accompanying teacher helps in solving problems and facing difficulties, maintains contact with a project coordinator at Siauliai VET Centre, and helps students in their practical placement places if needed.
The project shall add up to the implementation of aims of the Bruges Communique. Development of vocational training is the joint responsibility of national authorities, social partners, VET centres, teachers and learners, therefore the project is relevant within the contemporary context of a knowledge society.


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