Šiauliai Vocational Education and Training Centre
Gardino st. 4, LT-78231 Šiauliai, Lithuania
Phone +370 41 552589
Fax +370 41 390172
E-mail info@sprc.lt

About us


The Centre is an educational institution that offers professional qualification and general education. It was founded in 2004 by merging 5 vocational schools. The Centre trains qualified workers of more that 40 specialities. There are 2350 students and more than 367 employees in the Centre. 59 teachers train general education subjects and 122 teachers train professional subjects.

Academic calendar
Autumn semester: September 1 – January 31
Spring semester: February 1 – June 15

Grading scale
From 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest):

1-3 negative evaluation,
4 - 10 positive evaluation.

Study programmes
3 years – general education and vocational qualification,
1-2 years – vocational qualification.

Student Life
Students of the Centre have their own organisation of autonomy - Student Council which represents students’ interests at the Centre Council.

Extra curricular activities
Students can spend their free time in various clubs: dance, fashion studio, young journalists, art and design, weightlifting, basketball and other.