Šiauliai Vocational Education and Training Centre
Gardino st. 4, LT-78231 Šiauliai, Lithuania
Phone +370 41 552589
Fax +370 41 390172
E-mail info@sprc.lt

About us


Šiauliai vocational education and training centre is one of the biggest vocational education institution in Lithuania. It's history started in 1961. The time-tested traditions of vocational training, a socially responsible attitude towards a young person these things puts Šiauliai Vocational Training Center in the ranks of the matureest educational institutions in Lithuania.

Structure. Šiauliai vocational education and training centre was founded in 2004 by merging 5 vocational schools. There was established five Training Centre departmens at those schools place: Department of Everyday Services (Vilniaus st. 27, Siauliai), Department of Business and Trades (Vytauto st. 267, Siauliai), Department of Mechanics and Construction (J. Basanavičiaus st. 53, Siauliai), Department of Technologies (Gardino st. 4, Siauliai) and Department of Electronics and Administration (closed in 2016). Department of Mechanics and Construcion started work like two separate departments at 2015.

Partners of the Centre. The main social partners of Šiauliai vocational education and training centre are bussines companies and institutions of education. The most important purpose is to raise teacher‘s qualification, to learn and use the newest technologies.  The main trend is the methodological activity of teachers and vocational information of future students, possibilities of graduation studies continuity.

Student Life. Everyone who wants to study at Šiauliai vocational education and training centre is accepted, no matter what age students are. There is installed modern and newest vocational practical training workshops, compiuterised classes. Students gets a scholarship, it is paid traveling expenses to studies, hostel is given too. During the school year students have Autumn, Christmas, winter, Easter and summer holidays. Students of the Centre have their own organisation of autonomy - Student Council which represents students’ interests at the Centre Council. Also students have ability to go to toll-free interships all over the European Union where they gain a lot of useful practical skills.


The number of students 2150.
The Centre have more then 170 teachers.
Offer more than 40 spcialities.